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Over 450 adventure-seekers will spend their long weekend traversing the Tsitsikamma Forest and exploring the pristine coastline during the 2019 Glacier Storms River Traverse. The event has not only become a highlight for South African mountain bike fans, but for the Storms River community is particular.

During what many in Storms River describe as the “most exciting time of year”, at least 50 people find employment during the development of the mountain bike race. In addition, many businesses that provide accommodation completely rely on the event to carry them financially through the winter months.

Chris Skykes, co-owner of the Tsitsikamma Inn, explains, “During the Glacier Storms River Traverse, accommodation throughout the entire town is completely booked out. People are employed to help with waitressing, cooking, marshalling and preparing the route.”

The impact doesn’t end there. To repay the area of Thornham for the use of their land for the mountain bike route, a monthly food hamper is provided throughout the year for pensioners who live there.

Skykes also mentions that the Glacier Storms River Traverse does wonders to promote the sport of mountain biking in the Storms River area. “The cyclists that enter this event fall in love with this area and often return with their families for a holiday later in the year. It’s amazing to have this group of mountain bikers coming to explore Storms River – it has created a growing interest in the sport in our community as a whole,” he said.

“There’s a direct link between employment and a healthy and stable economy.  We’re proud to sponsor an event that not only provides enjoyment for all who participate, but one that also has such a positive impact on the community in the area throughout the year,” said Khanyi Nzukuma, chief executive of Glacier by Sanlam.

The 2018 Glacier Stormsriver Traverse. Images by
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