What do you get

Package consists of the following:

  • A Mountain Bike adventure that exposes you to all the Tsitsikamma can offer.
  • 3 Stages
  • Lunch and Dinner daily from Thursday supper to Sunday lunch. Breakfast not included.
  • Official Race apparel (please note cut-off date to guarantee your size and terms regarding supporters | partners).
  • 2 Scrumptious meals per day.
  • Celebratory Sunday lunch on the final day.
  • Nutritional needs of the riders are kept in mind.
  • Vegetarian options available.

Standard Entry – No Accommodation

Supporter Packages

Your family will be welcome to join you during meals and prize giving. However they will only be allowed to join you in the designated areas if you have booked a family pass, which includes their meal tickets.


Rates for Supporter & Children Packages 2018

  1. Supporter meals @ R1 080pp
  2. Children from 3-8 years @ R445pp
  3. Children from 8-16 years @ R570pp
  4. Day Care @ R550 per child (Children will be taken care of in the mornings while parents are riding and during evening prize givings and dinner until 20h30)
  5. Children under 3 years pay R585 for meals and day care
  6. All above meals include 3 x lunches & 3 x dinners
  7. Laundry packages sold at registration @ R90pp per set of cycling clothes.

Contact details for Wilma:

Email: wilmapienaar@mweb.co.za

Cell phone: 0845728031

Luxury Tent Upgrade

Luxury Tented Accommodation – R4 200


This year promises to be even better with the new luxury tent accommodation.

These luxury canvas tents include the following amazing features:

A 2.5 x 2.5 meter safari dome tent, two beds with duvets and pillows, lighting and 2 comfortable camping chairs. It also includes an easy accessible ablution area and showers.

Rider Info

Rider Schedule

RACE REGISTRATION Thursday, 9 August 2018 (14:00-18:30)

Riders within a team must register together.
No late registrations will be allowed.
If a team has not registered, they will not be allowed to start.

RACE BRIEFING Thursday, 9 August 2018 (19:00-20:00)

Attendance is important, as vital information regarding the race, will be given.


Daily at 08:30


Every evening at 19:00


Tsitsikamma Village Inn in Stormsriver Village.

What you need to do:

Before Registration Day – Review race documents, including the Participant Waiver.

What you need to bring:

A photo identification document (driver’s license, passport or ID book).
A valid UCI CSA license, if not, a day license can be purchased at registration, at R45 per day.

Recommended Goods

What to bring for the ride.

A mobile phone, fully charged and loaded with all the emergency numbers supplied at race registration.

First aid kit consisting of the following:

  • Sun block, with a minimum SPF factor of 20

Bike repair tools:

  • Spare tubes
  • Multi tool
  • Replacement derailleur hanger
  • Inflation device (Pump etc)
  • A minimum of 2.0l of fluid to be carried by each rider
  • 3 x sets of cycling clothing (ensure you invest in some good quality cycling shorts)
  • Supplements – energy bars and food
  • Sunglasses



Race village

Riders will be supplied with a scrumptious lunch and dinner every day. The lunch will be served informally. Dinner is more formal, accompanied by the day’s prize giving and race briefing.

Lunch: 12:00 – 15:00

Dinner: 18:00 – 19:00


There will be 1 or 2 Waterpoints at each stage. These points will supply energy drinks,cold water,coke and snacks. Please check the route section for the exact distances between the Waterpoints.


Alcoholic and soft drinks will be on sale from the bar in the rider area.


The race organisers will supply single source water for the waterpoints and consumption during each stage. All tap water in our race villages is perfectly safe for drinking.


Our community partner will supply a secure bike storage facility. Riders will be required to sign their bikes in and out. Bikes have to be personally delivered and picked up from this location – no exceptions. Although there are no real safety concerns within the race village riders must at all times be alert and keep their equipment safe.



The Storms River Traverse will supply a full medical service at the race village and en-route. Trained medical personnel will also be on the route on quad bikes or 4×4 vehicles to handle any emergencies that may occur. More serious cases will be transferred to any of the local hospitals, where a more comprehensive service is available.

Basic medical services are for free, but recurring injuries or treatment of pre-existing chronic conditions will incur a charge. Please carry your medical insurance details in case of hospitalisation.


Please ensure that you bring your personal medication as prescribed by your physician. We are riding through areas with a high population of honey bees, so come prepared in this regard. Also ensure that you are carrying a sun block with at least a 20 SPF factor.



Bike Maintenance

JP van Zyl is very well known in cycling circles. Cycling is in his blood, so if you want to talk tech, he is your go-to guy. As the official bike technical service provider, he offers a very affordable maintenance option for the duration of the race and all bookings and payments can be done directly with him.

Please contact him at JP van Zyl info@recycles.co.za

Bicycle Transport


Relax and enjoy the race! Let us take care of your bicycle!

Bicycle transport from Pretoria and Johannesburg to the

Glacier Storms River Traverse

We have an unique “roll in roll out” system and it is not necessary to take apart your bicycle. To book your bike, please visit:  www.bicycletransport.co.za

Contact:  joggie@bicycletransport.co.za

Massage Service

Tour the most scenic, beautiful and untouched gem of the Garden route on two wheels.

Allow us to be your partner for your ultimate recovery experience.

EPT the ultimate recovery experience, a multi-disciplinary team, are privileged to provide you with a hands-on sports massage service on behalf of the event coordinators, Dryland. . Their massage therapy is administered with up to date treatment techniques, and effective treatment products, executed by highly qualified therapists. They also offer a variety of massage therapy products that enables the client to do self-treatment to ensure overall health of the body. Their professional services include recovery massage therapy, myofascial release, ice baths, strapping, taping and stretching. They also provide general advice on optimal recovery during and after the event. EPT is now working with COMPEX SA to provide you with another tool to aid in your post event recover. COMPEX, is an electrical muscle stimulation device developed over the past 30 years and houses up to date patented technology, or MI, scans YOUR muscle physiology and automatically adjust the parameters within the program to YOUR body/muscle state. Compex recovery programs are based on scientific evidence and results in a 300% increase in blood flow and 25% decrease in lactic acid.

We offer the following: 

  • Pre-event Massage and Stretching
  • Recovery Massage and Stretching
  • Pre-event Strapping and Taping (Kinesio taping and EAB strapping)
  • Strapping and Taping (Kinesio taping and EAB strapping)
  • Foam rolling station (foam rollers and myofascial ball provided)


Daily Routine

08:30 Race starts
10:00 First riders arrive
10:00 Race medical facility opens
10:00 Bike Park opens
10:00 Bike wash opens
12:00 Lunch starts
15:00 Lunch finishes
15:00 Race cut-off – may be altered daily at the discretion of the chief commissaire
17:00 Bike wash closes
18:00 Race medical facility closes
18:00 Race results
18:00 Dinner starts
19:00 Prize giving
19:00 Bike park closes
19:00 Dinner finishes
23:00 Lights out

Race Rules

The Glacier Storms River Traverse will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. In this event, entry fees are not refundable.


A rider has to be 18 years or older on the day the race starts.

Allowing any rider younger than the prescribed age lies solely within the discretion of the race organisers.

Riders will compete in 3 categories namely:

Open Men.
Open Ladies.


Only bicycles in sound mechanical condition will be allowed to start the race.

The race number board must be secured by the 3 cable ties provided

The use of Tri-bars is prohibited.

Each rider is responsible for the maintenance of his/her own bicycle.

Helmets & Clothing

It is compulsory to wear a helmet at all times during the race, failing to do so will result in immediate disqualification.

All helmets must comply with “SNELL” & “ANSI” international standards.

A cycle shirt and short must be we worn at all times.

Equipment (Recommended)

A mobile phone, fully charged and programmed with all the emergency numbers, supplied at race registration. Please ensure that both riders carry a phone.

First aid kit consisting of the following:

1 x Stretch bandage.
2 x Dressings.
Adhesive plasters.
Foil survival blanket.
Sun block with a minimum SPF factor of 20.

Each rider is responsible for his own personal medication as prescribed by his physician. Please consult the race office if in doubt about the legality thereof.

Bike repair tools
Spare tubes
Multi tool
Replacement derailleur hanger
Inflation wwwice (Pump etc)

A minimum of 2.5l of fluid to be carried by each rider.

Hydration & Nutrition

Riders are responsible for their own hydration & nutrition.
Water & energy drinks will be supplied at the water stations.


The race number boards of both riders must be displayed clearly and fixed according to specifications.

Race number boards may not be altered with, or any of the sponsors’ logos obscured in any way.


It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that he / she is well prepared to take on a race of this nature.

The race doctor and his medical team reserves the right to prevent any rider from continuing the race if it deems necessary. Their decision is final.

Daily start

The start chute closes 5 minutes prior to the start of race and riders not arriving on time will start at the back.


The race starts each day with the sound of the starter’s pistol.

The time of the 2nd rider of the team that crosses the finish line will be the teams official finishing time.

No late starts are allowed.

Cut-off times and withdrawals

Cut-off times are very generous allowing even the back markers to easily finish

The finish line will close at 15h00 every day except where an earlier cut-off time is advertised.

Any withdrawals have to be communicated to the race office immediately.

A rider that withdraws during the race must please convey his / her intentions to the nearest marshal.

A sweep vehicle will transport all withdrawals and their bicycles to the stage finish venue.


The organisers reserve the right to change a stage or completely abandon a stage if necessary.

Traffic rules

General traffic rules apply on public roads.

The Storms River Traverse does not have any road closure, so please adhere to above rules.

Rider separation

Riders of the same team have to ride together at all times.

Riders who are separated from their riding partner for more than 3 minutes during any time of a stage will be penalised by 30 minutes.

The checking of rider separation will be checked en-route or at the finish line.

This rule is solely there to ensure rider safety and team members need to look out for each other.

Water points

The exact location of the water points will be advertised in advance.


Medical assistance will be supplied en route in the form of medical officers and at water points.

We do not allow assistance to any rider from anyone outside of the race that being in the form of medical, nutritional or technical assistance.

Only assistance from fellow riders is allowed.

No other seconding vehicles other than that of the Storms River Traverse are allowed on the route. If any non-official seconding vehicle can be linked to a specific rider or team, it will result in a time penalty, with a second offence resulting in immediate disqualification.

Formation of new teams

In the case of a withdrawal of a rider, a new team can be formed, or the rider can compete as an individual, bur will not be able to compete for a position or prize money in his/her chosen category.

It remains the responsibility of the rider to form new team

A new team can only be formed after the stage finish and after consultation with the race office.

All rules applicable to the race apply to new teams as well.

Rider etiquette

The integrity of each rider is relied upon regards to staying on the course and competing within the rules.

If a rider leaves the course, for whatever reason, he has to enter course at the exact same spot he exited it.

Basic rider etiquette applies at all times, not bringing the sport in disrepute.

We travel through ecologically sensitive areas and persistent littering will result in disqualification. Any form of littering will results in fines imposed.

Keep all your litter for the Water points where race officials will erect disposable bag stands.

Other info

Kiddies Entertainment

Children from 3 to 18 years: Lunch and Dinners
Children between 3 and 12 years: Day Care
Children under 3: Meals and Day Care

During the mornings children will be taken care of at the race village, Tsitsikamma Village Inn, while you are out cycling. Children will be escorted there after breakfast and escorted back to the Tsitsikamma Village Inn at 12h30 where they will receive lunch and wait for parents at the finish line. During the afternoon parents will be responsible to care for their own children. However from 18h00 till 20h30 children will gather in the Games room at the hotel where Zanie will take care of them during dinner and prize giving.

Closing date to book the children packages: 27 June 2018


Storms River Village

Storms River village was established in 1841 by the Duthie family from Knysna who came to hunt bush pigs and elephants. Woodcutters covered large areas of the indigenous forest, and only in 1939 was the last of these woodcutters pensioned of. They were of a tough and isolated group of people who had made a living in the depths of Knysna forest for more than a century and a half.

The Tsitsikamma Mountains stretch just over 80 km from the Keurbooms River in the west just north of Plettenberg Bay, to Kareedouw Pass in the east near the town of Kareedouw.

At around 1870 Thomas Bain built the pass on about 80-90% of elephant track. Hunters, woodcutters, travelers, farmers, etc. used the forest daily and due to noise and using the forest everyday the environment become too stressful for elephants. SANParks believes that there is just one solitary elephant still roaming the Knysna Forest, aged between 25 to 35 years old (middle aged, elephants live up to 60 years old).

Community Projects

Our host for the weekend, the Tsitsikamma Village Inn which was first established in 1946, is committed to the wellbeing of their community. The hotel takes care of the needs of the local day care centre by providing daily meals and taking care of the buildings and maintenance. At present the hotel has various other community projects in the pipeline and Dryland has, through the Storms River Traverse, joined them in their venture.